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 Stone Cold Profile
Name : Stone Cold Steve Austin aka The Rattlesnake
Real Name :  Steve Williams
Birthday : 18th December 1965
Height : 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m)
Weight : 253 pounds (115 kg)
Hometown : Victoria, Texas
Birth Place : Austin, Texas
Finishing Move : Stone Cold Stunner

Mini Biography:
Worked in Texas on a loading dock until he became a pro wrestler in the late-80s. First became recognized in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as "Stunning" Steve Williams, where he conquered the singles ranks by becoming the WCW Television Champion on a few occasions and the WCW United States Title, he also conquered the WCW Tag-Team ranks along with the late Brian Pillman, collectively known as "The Hollywood Blondes" (Austin, at the time, had long blonde hair). Had a falling out with WCW head Eric Bischoff in Mid-1995 when Bischoff fired him over-the phone. Went to Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in late 1995 mostly as a commentator (He did wrestle a few matches, though.) Established himself as a no-nonsense, garbage-mouthed punk. Left ECW and emerged in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as "The Ringmaster", along with manager "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. That gimmick was weak and Austin was silenced by WWF Brass because of his reputation. Finally dumped DiBiase and changed his name to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, shaved his head, and had a gimmick as a Natural-Born Killer (He does strike a close resemblance to Woody Harrelson from the movie). Started his trash-talking and ass-kicking when he defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts in the final round of the 1996 WWF King of The Ring Tournament, which was where he coined the famous "Austin 3:16" while mocking Roberts for his religious beliefs. Austin 3:16 was a phenomenon. He is the only person to do that other than the great Hulk Hogan who did it did in the 80's with the "Hulkamania" phenomenon. Austin 3:16 is about as big as Hulkamania was in the 80's to the mid-90s. Austin conquered the WWF in 1997 when he captured the WWF Intercontinental Title on 2 occasions, the Tag-Team Titles on 2 occasions (with Shawn Michaels and "Dude Love" Mick Foley, respectively). And in 1998 when he achieved the ultimate career goal, the WWF World Title on 3 occasions and another Tag-Team Title reign with The Undertaker.

Stone Cold
Stone Cold
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Stone Cold
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