Rehearsal for a Sicilian Tragedy 2011 Review And Photos

Release Date: 10/28/2011
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Runtime: 1 hr 17 mins
Genre: Drama, Culture & society
Director: John Turturro
Cast:  Not Yet Available

Actor and filmmaker John Turturro pays a visit to the home of his forefathers in this documentary from noted theater director Roman Paska. Turturro's roots go back to Sicily -- his grandparents on his mother's side were born in Aragona and Palermo -- and for years he's been blocking out plans for a film to be shot on the island. With this in mind, Turturro and Paska traveled to Sicily, both to see the sights and to learn more about the unique culture, especially their rich tradition in puppet theater. In Prove Per Una Tragedia Siciliana (aka Rehearsal for a Sicilian Tragedy), Turturro explores the homes of his ancestors, studies the architecture of the island, meets and interviews celebrated puppet artist Mimmo Cuticchio, and speaks with the locals about the lingering Sicilian preoccupation with mortality. Rehearsal for a Sicilian Tragedy was an official selection at the ~2009 Venice International Film Festival. For more details Visit Here.

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