Anton Yelchin Actor Profile,Bio And Photos 2011

Birth Date:     March 11, 1989
Birth Place:     Saint Petersburg, Russia
Height:     5' 9"
Sex:     Male
Nationality:     American
Profession:     Actor
Claim to fame:     His first widely seen major film role in 'Hearts of Atlantis' (2001)

Short Bio:
 Anton Yelchin was born March 11, 1989 in the USSR. When he was 6 months, his parents, famous figure skaters Viktor and Irina Yelchin, moved to the United States. At first, he was the example of parents involved in figure skating, but soon abandoned his studies, not in itself sufficient to discover talent. But Anton was in demand in the cinema. The first role he got in 5 years - in one episode of "ER." In 2001, played Dmitry Starodubova in the thriller "And there came a spider". And on the set the next picture "Hearts in Atlantis", adaptation of the novel by Stephen King, Anton met with Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins. "When I first saw him (Hopkins), I was very excited, my eye twitched," - said the boy - "But I quickly calmed down, because he was very good." Hopkins, in turn, was equally impressed with how confident play by Anton front of the camera, and a mild temper. For the role of young Bobby Garfield Anton recognized best young actor of 2001.

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