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Birth Name: Jason Jordan Segel
Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 01/18/1980, Capricorn
Profession: Actor
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Attended high school with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Played high-school basketball with future Stanford and NBA players (and twins) Jarron and Jason Collins on a team that won a Division III state championship in 1996.
First break in show business was a small role in the film Can't Hardly Wait (1998).
Was spotted by a casting scout from Paramount while performing in Edward Albee's play The Zoo Story at the age of 16, which led to being cast in the 1999-2000 cult TV show Freaks and Geeks.
Was nominated in 2000, along with the rest of the Freaks and Geeks cast, for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series---Young Ensemble.
In July 2010, became an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church to marry Abbe Thorner and Jason Wood on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The couple had approached Segel to preside after the person who was to officiate their wedding had to drop out.
Jason Segel Relationships:
Adam - Brother
Linda Cardellini - Ex-significant Other

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